Making flash again!

2007-07-20 20:05:11 by Cramse

So, this evening I got all creative and started drawing a piece of a story called 'Eskimo'.
I just drew 14 scenes - some easy ones, some pretty hard ones - and did the first two scenes this night. I'm excited about it, since this might be my first submittion in 3 years - and perhaps the first one to make it past judgement :P
The thing is, the part I'm working on now is the 3rd part (of 4 I think, I'm not sure yet). It's probably gonna be something like 2 minutes long, this one, and then, if it does good, I'll try to come up with the ending - and of course the first two parts!

Besides that, I recently uploaded my first audio, but I don't think people noticed. :D

Peace out
- C